Top 10 Amazing Ayodhya's Ram Mandir Facts

Big & Beautiful

The Ram Temple in Ayodhya is all set to be India's largest temple! It'll stand at a whopping 161 ft tall and cover 28,000 sq ft. Talk about a giant!


Sacred Soil


The temple's foundation is extra special, made from holy soil from 2,587 places! Places like Jhansi, Golden Temple, and Chittorgarh all pitched in.

Sompura family magic


The temple's architects are the talented Sompura family, who've built over 100 temples worldwide, including the famous Somnath Temple.

Stone Power


No steel or iron here! Ram Mandir is entirely built of stones. That's some rock-solid construction.

"Shri Ram" bricks


The bricks used have "Shri Ram" inscribed on them, just like the ancient Ram Setu. These bricks are meant to be super strong and long-lasting.

Soil from Thailand


As a symbol of global unity, soil from Thailand was sent for the temple's consecration ceremony on January 22, 2024.

A Temple Tour


The temple has three floors and tells Lord Ram's story. The ground floor showcases his life, while the first floor takes you to his royal court. Get ready to be amazed!

Unity of Holy rivers 


The temple's consecration ceremony used water from 150 different rivers from across India.

Time capsule treasure


A time capsule buried 2,000 ft below the temple holds a copper plate with info about Lord Ram, Ayodhya, and the temple itself for future generations to learn

Nagar Style Masterpiece


With 360 pillars in the Nagar style, the temple's architecture is simply stunning. It's a breathtaking work of art that'll leave you speechless.