Bapu Tower Patna : History, Timings, Fees

In the vibrant heart of Patna, Bihar, a new landmark rises – the Bapu Tower. A monumental tribute to Mahatma Gandhi, affectionately known as the Father of the Nation, this tower in Gardanibagh encapsulates the spirit and legacy of Gandhi like never before. As the first edifice of its kind dedicated to Gandhi in the country, its completion signifies a landmark moment in the cultural and architectural landscape of Bihar.

The Tower Dream Comes True

The inception of the Bapu Tower is the brainchild of Chief Minister Nitish Kumar. Towering at 120 feet with six stories, the Bapu Tower is not just an architectural feat but a beacon of learning, reflecting on Gandhi’s immense contributions to India’s freedom and his timeless values of peace, non-violence, and harmony.

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Architectural Marvel and Educational Hub

The ground floor of the Bapu Tower offers an immersive turntable theatre show that brings Gandhi’s biography to life. With its unique blend of circular and rectangular structures, the tower takes visitors on an engaging journey through Gandhi’s life, emphasizing his profound connection with Bihar and his universal principles.

An exhibition, meticulously set up at a cost of about Rs 45 crore, showcases sculptures and artifacts crafted in Ahmedabad. This exhibition narrates the intertwined history of Gandhi and Bihar, providing depth and authenticity to the visitor experience.

Art Meets Environment

One of the tower’s most striking features is its exterior copper layer, weighing 42 thousand kg. This layer not only adds to the tower’s aesthetic but also undergoes a transformation into rainbow colors due to its interaction with oxygen and nitrogen. Furthermore, the tower’s commitment to green technology underscores a dedication to environmental sustainability.

The Timeline for Completion

Initiated on October 2, 2018, the Bapu Tower’s construction journey has seen several extensions from its initial deadline. With a construction cost of Rs 129 crore, the tower spans seven acres and includes galleries, research centers, guest lounges, and administrative offices. The inspection was done by CM Nitish Kumar on February 4, 2024. And the inauguration will be done in almost two months from now, marking it as a source of inspiration and a testament to Gandhian principles for generations to come. As of now, the Bapu Tower is yet to be open for public.

A Beacon for Future Generations

Designed to be an essential resource for children, students, researchers, and anyone drawn to Gandhi’s teachings, the Bapu Tower extends beyond a traditional memorial. It offers a comprehensive exploration of historical events, Gandhi’s thoughts, and his indelible impact on Bihar.

Key Highlights of the Bapu Tower :

  • Location: Gardanibagh, Patna, standing as the country’s first tower dedicated to Mahatma Gandhi.
  • Features: A 120-feet tall structure housing six floors, including an immersive exhibition and a turntable theatre show.
  • Educational Value: Offers insights into Gandhi’s life, his principles, and his connection to Bihar, equipped with galleries, a library, and research facilities.
  • Accessibility: Features ramps, lifts, and provisions for the disabled, ensuring that everyone can explore Gandhi’s legacy.
  • Visitor Experience: Includes a cafeteria, research center, and conference room, making it a comprehensive hub for learning and reflection.
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The Bapu Tower is a pioneering project that blends architectural splendor with educational significance. It invites visitors to delve into the life and legacy of Mahatma Gandhi, providing a space for reflection, learning, and inspiration. As Patna continues to evolve, the Bapu Tower stands as a lasting tribute to a global icon, beckoning travelers and locals alike to explore the enduring legacy of the Father of the Nation.

Entry Fee and Timings

Timings : Yet to be open for public

Entry Fee : Yet to be open for public

bapu tower gate

How to Reach Bapu Tower

The Bapu Tower is located in Road no 15, Gardanibagh which is almost 3kms from Patna Junction and is at a place well connected with public transport whether you are coming from Patna Station or Anishabad.

Bapu Tower FAQs

What is the timings for Bapu Tower Patna?

As of 14th February, 2024, the Bapu Tower Patna is yet to be open for public.

What is the entry fee for Bapu Tower Patna?

As of 14th February, 2024, the Bapu Tower Patna is yet to be open for public.

Which is country’s first copper made tower?

The Bapu Tower in Patna is country’s first copper made tower. The exterior has copper layer, weighing 42 thousand kg, which adorns the circular building’s outer wall.

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