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All the glitters are not gold. Don’t be fooled. It is the Pind Balluchi, just repacked into a new design. It has all the flaws that Pind Balluchi had and minus the rotation. Many don’t know, the Lighthouse cafe is part of Pind Balluchi you can verify this on their website. The interior is good. The view from the window is not exciting. You get to view the vastness of Gandhi Maidan and that is not fascinating for me. The place was suggested by one of my friends and now our friendship is over. Just kidding. 

For starters, we ordered Chicken Dragon Roll, Murg Tikka and Veg Baked Beans Nachos. Chicken Dragon Roll was served with spicy chutney which I liked. In simple words, it was a chicken spring roll. I liked the crunch and the taste with the chutney. Murg Tikka tasted average. What we all liked was the Veg Baked Beans Nachos. The dish is photogenic with all the colors and even tasted good. For the main course, we asked the waiter to suggest a dish. Upon his suggestion, we ordered Murgh Tikka Butter Masala. The waiter said it is one of their best dishes. We looked at each other and thought ‘Let us be the judge of that’. To accompany the butter masala, we ordered the same old Tandoori roti and we also took a slight risk and ordered a new name for us on the menu, Missi Roti. Well spoilers alert ! The risk didn’t pay well. Missi Roti is roti made of besan and was awful and dry according to our taste buds. Let’s talk about the main course dish. One word. Disappointed. How can anyone go wrong with this signature dish? 

Talking about the service, we were served the wrong dish. And the funny part is that the dish was served on to our leftover plates and then taken back and is surely served to the table that it was meant for. Poor them, they would taste two kinds of dishes. Also, I was taken back when we were politely asked to review them with 5 stars. Again let us be the judge of that. He was standing till one of my friends selected the 5 stars but I didn’t let her. Good thing, I am the one who will be posting the actual review. Please be mindful of these 5 star reviews on google. They are influenced reviews.

Overall, Given the price of the dishes, the taste was not justified. I would NOT RECOMMEND it.

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Lighthouse cafe is located on the 17th floor of Biscoman Bhavan, Gandhi Maidan. You can easily find it on google maps by clicking here.

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Contact No9934304633, 9934304634

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