Patna Marine Drive : Images, Route, Location

The Loknayak Ganga Path, also known as Patna Marine Drive, was built after Mumbai’s Marine Drive and is almost complete. The first phase of the project, which is already operating and provides increased vehicular circulation and a realty boost along the Path, was designed to connect Digha to Deedarganj. Read here for more information about this 21 kilometre stretch.

For Patna people, the State government’s disregard for the construction of roads has been a major source of worry. Although the government promises easy access to Patna in five hours from any location in Bihar, the reality is quite different. Residents of Patna have been suffering from terrible traffic jams inside the city. The completion of Patna Marine Drive, however, is anticipated to put an end to the residents’ commuting issues.

Patna Marine Drive - Loknayak Ganga Path
Patna Marine Drive – Loknayak Ganga Path

What is Patna Marine Drive?

The corridor from Digha to Deedarganj, often known as Patna Marine Drive or Loknayak Ganga Path, is inaugurated by Nitish Kumar, the chief minister of Bihar. The grandiose undertaking is compared to Mumbai’s Marine Drive and London’s Thame Path.

On a 13-meter-high dam, the motorway is being constructed alongside the Ganges River. The creation of a four-lane, access-controlled highway is made possible by the 20.5 km-long length, which is a component of the Ganga Path development project.

The public can access the first phase of this project connecting Digha to the AN Sinha Institute, however the second phase is not projected to be finished until the end of 2023. Phase 2 will include the construction of an 18 km extension to Fatuha, a vital industrial location located 24 km to the east of Patna.

To improve connectivity within the State, many four-lane approach roads are also connected to Loknayak Ganga Path. These approach lanes would connect Atal Path and Ashok Rajpath to the Marine Drive.

Patna Marine DriveProject details

  • Project length (1st Phase) : 20.5 km
  • Driveway: 4-Lane access-controlled highway
  • Footpath: 5 ft wide on both sides
  • Connecting bridges: Digha Rail Bridge, Kacchi Dargah-Bidupur Bridge and Mahatma Gandhi Setu
  • Total cost: Rs 3,106 crore

Patna Marine Drive – The timeline

  • The project obtained permission in August 2007.
  • October 2013: Nitish Kumar, the chief minister of Bihar, presided at a ground breaking ceremony.
  • Launch of the 6.6 km-long section between Digha and Patna Medical College and Hospital in June 2022, completing Phase 1.
Patna Marine Drive
Patna Marine Drive

Patna Marine Drive: Route map and major junctions

The project will link Patna’s east and west sides, allowing for easy traffic flow. The Loknayak Ganga Path begins in Digha in the west and travels through the following regions before coming to an end at Deedarganj in the east:

  • Digha
  • LCT Ghat
  • AN Sinha Institute
  • PMCH
  • Krishna Ghat
  • Gai Ghat
  • Kangan Ghat
  • Patna Ghat
  • Didarganj

By connecting to Atal Path, the corridor will make it simple to get to AIIMS and PMCH, two eminent hospitals in Patna. enhancing the system for providing medical care.

What is Marine Drive Patna offering?

Excellent road conditions

Exceptional riding conditions are part of the Loknayak Ganga Path’s design as a high-speed corridor. The integration of top-notch facilities would improve the travel experience. The initiative will include:

  • Noise barriers and fencing
  • Speed guns to prevent over speeding
  • Pedestrian facilities
  • Street lighting
  • Tree plantation
  • Landscaping
  • Medical and traffic aid
Marine Drive Patna
Marine Drive Patna

Improved connectivity

Once completed, the transportation infrastructure will significantly reduce the amount of time it takes to travel from Digha to Deedarganj and vice versa. Vehicles may readily approach the core locations via the Loknayak Ganga Path from Bihta, Chapra, and AIIMS. Additionally, the new length will offer smooth access to NH-30. Additionally, the government intends to connect Atal Path to the project, making it easier for people to visit PMCH and AIIMS. A patient used to have to wait up to an hour to get from one hospital to another. The offered pathway will, however, cut this journey time in half, to about 20 minutes.

Approach roads would also provide access to places like Gandhi Maidan, Gol Ghar, Sabhyata Dwar, Science Center, Shri Krishna Memorial Hall, Bapu Sabhagar, Biscomaun Bhawan, and AN Sinha Institute. Additionally, commuters have access to the Patna Kacchi Dargah, which leads to the six-lane road bridge.

The motorway would relieve traffic congestion and open up Ashok Rajpath. Ashok Rajpath would be accessible from nine sites on the highway, providing respite from Patna’s chronically crowded east-west roadways.

Riverfront development

The development of 20 ghats along a 2.3 km long promenade with four cultural centres would create the 4.5 km long riverside along the Ganges. The riverfront will extend from Adalat Ghat to Collectorate Ghat.

There will be more green spaces, including playgrounds and designated meditation areas, along the riverfront.

Urban agriculture will be possible thanks to a special area set aside for organic plantings. Under Phase 3 of the Patna Ganga Riverfront, provisions will be made for landscaping and more green space. More areas need to be constructed in order to stop unauthorised building along the ghat.

Improved real estate demand

Since Phase 1 is accessible to the general public, it is known how much of a real estate boost to anticipate. The opening of phase one, according to Patna property owner Anil Kumar Srivastava, has increased the price of a square foot by Rs 300–500. Prices are currently around Rs 5,500 per square foot, but after Phase 2 is finished, an additional Rs 500 per square foot price increase might be anticipated. With these figures, the Loknayak Ganga Path’s areas have experienced a year-over-year (YoY) growth of almost 13%.

The motorway intends to improve connection between Patna’s west and east halves. It has been established that strong infrastructure development in conjunction with outstanding connectivity is what propels ribbon growth.

Marine Drive Patna Future plans

The JP Ganga Path or Patna Marine Drive would be extended to Bakhtiyarpur and Sherpur in the east and west, respectively. The length from Sherpur to Dighakhand would be 12.5 km long, whereas the stretch from Deedarganj to Bhakhtiyarpur will be 35 km long. The marine drive will lengthen to 70 kilometres as a result. As a result, areas along the extensions might anticipate an increase in the value of their real estate.

Properties near motorways continue to be popular choices for buyers since connectivity has always been a key determining factor for homebuyers. Not only will the connection increase once the Loknayak Ganga Path project is finished, but the livability and real estate of the areas along the motorway are also anticipated to develop.

Patna Marine Drive – Frequently Asked Questions

What is the inauguration date for Patna Marine Drive

The Patna Marine Drive, also known as Loknayak Ganga Path, opened to traffic on June 24, 2022, and Phase 2, which includes an extension to Fatuha, will be finished by the year’s end.

Which localities will the Ganga Path connect from Digha to Deedarganj?

The project will link the communities of Digha, LCT Ghat, AN Sinha Institute, PMCH, Krishna Ghat, Gai Ghat, Kangan Ghat, Patna Ghat, and Deegarganj from Digha to Deegarganj.

What is the length of Marine Drive, Patna?

The Loknayak Ganga Path, commonly known as Patna Marine Drive, is an motorway that connects Digha and Deedarganj and is more than 20 kilometres long. The same Path will soon receive additions, increasing its length to 70 kilometres.

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