5 Most Beautiful Bangalore Treks : A Journey of Experience

Do you live in Bangalore? Are you looking for something fun to do on weekends to take a break from the monotonous daily life of working and hustling? Then, you are in luck because Bangalore has many weekend treks that will take you to the lush and stunning outdoors. 

Bangalore’s geography is such that you can enjoy one of the many treks like the Uttari Betta Trek, Mullayanagiri Trek, Kudremukh Trek, Ramanagara Trek, Kumara Parvatha Trek, and more. 

The best part about these treks is that each offers something unique to the trekkers, and irrespective of whether you are a beginner trekker or an experienced trekker, you will find a suitable trek.

Whether it is going to view a beautiful sunset in Uttari Betta Trek Bangalore, seeing the largest monolith in Asia on Savandurga Trek, or choosing to explore night caves during the Anthargange Trek, you will find everything here. 

5 Most Beautiful Bangalore Treks

Treks near Bangalore offer stunning trekking memories and experiences. Choose from shorter treks or longer overnight ones that let you savor magnificent hillside sunrises and sunsets. So, go trekking here and understand the mysteries of the beautiful nature abound, and be ready for the upcoming week. 

Bangalore Treks: 5 Most Beautiful Treks To Complete Near Bangalore

Uttari Betta Trek Bangalore

The Uttari Betta Trek in Bangalore is one of the best Bangalore day hikes. Trek 5-7 kilometers to reach lush green landscapes offering scenic views and serenity. The trek will start from a quaint small village, with the halfway point being the Shankareswar Temple, whose top offers some of the best views. It continues and ends at a beautiful grassland engulfed by huge boulders.

The best time to visit Uttari Betta Trek is early in the morning to ensure you watch the best sunrise ever. So, plan to leave by 4 a.m. and trek towards the top of the hill to watch the rising sun.

  •  Height: 3,708 ft. 
  • Difficulty level: moderate 

Kabbaladurga Trek

Once a prison under colonial British and Mysore rulers, the Kabbaladurga trek in Santhanur town is only 80 km away from Bangalore. The trek has four stretches. As you trek towards the top, you can witness the beautiful remains of defense walls and temples. Relax and meditate here. The duration of the trek is around 2-3 hours, and if you are traveling from outside Bangalore, come between October and January.

  • Height: 2,090 ft. 
  • Difficulty level: easy to moderate

Kumara Parvatha Trek

The Kumara Parvatha Trek is a beautiful 15-kilometer-long trek that is considered a challenging trek in Karnataka. However, it is quite beautiful as you witness the natural beauty of Pushpagiri wildlife. The entire length of the trek has only one pit stop at Bhattaramane, where you can trek under the night sky. Between October and February is the best time to go for this trek, 220 km away from Bangalore.

  • Height: 1712 meters 
  • Difficulty level: Medium

Mullayanagiri Trek

If you are looking for an easy trek in Bangalore, the Mullayanagiri trek is ideal. It is the highest peak, and the trek is only 3–4 kilometers long. You can complete it in 3–4 hours. As you keep climbing the trek, you will witness some mesmerizing views of the surrounding hills and cascading waterfalls while also enjoying the jungle scenery. It is a great trek for anyone looking for solitude. 

  • Height: 6,330 feet
  • Difficulty level: Easy

Ranganathaswamy Betta Night Trek

Are you looking for a religious trek in Bangalore? Then, head for a Ranganathaswamy trek deep inside a forest reserve. The trek has beautiful shrubbery and trees that grow denser as you continue the trek. The trek also has steep climbs and descents for you to stop and admire the stunning views in front of you. The 4-5-kilometer trek, which you can complete in a few hours, is ideal to complete between August and January. It is also one of the famous treks to complete a night. 

  • Height: 3,780 feet
  • Difficulty level: Medium

What should Novice Trekkers Carry With Them?

If this is your first time trekking, then you should carry a few essential items with you.

  • Carry a water bottle so that you keep yourself hydrated and do not have to keep buying use-and-throw bottles.
  • Carry a sturdy backpack that has all your essentials. Keep it lightweight and organized.
  • Have a good pair of trekking shoes with ample ankle support.
  • Track pants, which are comfortable and dry quickly, are best for trekking, especially for early morning treks like Uttari Betta in Bangalore.
  • Always pack some protein-rich granola bars, trail mix, or other snacks with you. Something that can help you get rid of hunger pangs without overburdening your backpack.
  • Always carry a bandana, head cap, muffler, or wooden cap to cover your head if necessary.
  • Also, carry good quality sunscreen and keep reapplying.
  • Carry basic medicines for stomach aches, nausea, and headaches along with your prescription medicine. Moreover, carry bandages and other essential medical supplies. 


So, here are some of the best treks in and near Bangalore, with the Uttari Betta Trek being the most famous, especially for anyone who loves watching sunsets. All the treks mentioned above are unique in their culture, landscapes, and the experiences they offer. When trekking here, ensure you are mindful of the environment. Keep it clean, do not litter, and keep your carbon footprint to the minimum. That is necessary to ensure the coming generation gets to experience nature at its best.

FAQs about Bangalore Treks

Which trek in Bangalore is perfect for catching a sunset? 

To see the best sunset in Bangalore, you should head towards Uttari Betta Trek. 

Which Bangalore trek is the most challenging? 

Kumara Parvatha is considered the most challenging trek in Bangalore nestled at an altitude of 1,700 meters.  

Which is the highest peak in Bangalore? 

Mullayanagiri Peak is the highest peak here. It is about 3–4 km long, which you can cover in 3 hours or so and also it is an easy trek to hike up to. 

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