Bharat Gaurav Trains: Discover India’s Pride and Glory on the Rails

Bharat Gaurav Trains are tourism promotion initiative by the Union Government of India, launched under the “Bharat Gaurav ” Scheme.

The Bharat Gaurav Tourist Circuit Trains have been introduced as a unique initiative by the Indian government to showcase the country’s rich cultural heritage and natural beauty to both Indians and visitors from around the world. These trains are managed by service providers who offer a comprehensive package that includes rail transportation, accommodation, meals, and local sightseeing.

Under the banner of Bharat Gaurav Tourist Trains, Indian Railways has introduced a concept of operating theme-based tourist trains on various circuits. These circuits offer diverse tour packages, which include services such as off-board travel, bus excursions, hotel stays, tour guides, meals, and travel insurance, in addition to a comfortable train journey and onboard services.

Bharat Gaurav Tourist Train
Bharat Gaurav Tourist Train

What is Bharat Gaurav Scheme?

In November 2021, the Indian Railways introduced a new initiative called Bharat Gaurav trains under the “Bharat Gaurav ” Scheme.. The aim of this policy is to promote domestic tourism by allowing private players to operate trains on theme-based circuits. This move has simplified and liberalised operations, which were previously carried out mostly by the Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation (IRCTC).

The policy offers operators the “Right of Use” of the railways’ infrastructure and rakes. This means that private players and tour operators can lease trains from the railways and operate them on any circuit of their choice. They can also decide on fares, routes, and quality of services.

While the policy allows any entity, including state governments, to run these trains, it is clear that it is primarily targeted at tour operators. By giving them the opportunity to showcase India’s rich cultural heritage and natural scenic places, the initiative aims to attract more tourists to the country.

Bharat Gaurav Trains Scheme – Objective

  • The Bharat Gaurav Trains scheme is expected to provide a boost to the tourism industry in India, generating employment opportunities and promoting economic growth. The initiative is also aligned with the government’s vision of promoting sustainable tourism in the country.
  • The scheme also seeks to harness the skills and expertise of professionals in the tourism sector to operate theme-based trains and tap into the vast potential of the Indian tourism industry.
  • Southern Railway, one of the zones of the Indian Railways, has become the first zone to receive the first registered service provider under the “Bharat Gaurav” Scheme. The inaugural service of the maiden train will commence on 14th June 2022, running from Coimbatore North to Sainagar Shirdi.
  • The aim of this initiative is to promote tourism in India and offer travelers a unique and enjoyable way to explore the country’s cultural and scenic destinations. These tourist trains operate on various theme-based circuits and provide an immersive experience to travelers, allowing them to explore different parts of India and learn about its rich history, culture, and traditions.
  • This scheme encourages domestic tourism and make people aware of the various tourist destinations in India.
Bharat Gaurav Trains - Launch
Bharat Gaurav Trains – Launch

Bharat Gaurav Trains Scheme – Features

  • The Bharat Gaurav Scheme, launched by Indian Railways in November 2021, offers several features for operators and service providers who want to lease trains to run theme-based circuits for tourism packages.
  • The scheme is open to anyone, including private players and tour operators, who can lease trains from Indian Railways and operate them on a circuit of their choice. The scheme leverages the expertise of professionals in the tourism sector to identify and develop tourist circuits and run theme-based trains.
  • The scheme has a minimum tenure of two years and a maximum tenure of the service life of the coach.
  • The operator holds the freedom to decide the route, halts, services provided, and tariff. However, the railways ensure that prices are not abnormal.
Bharat Gaurav Trains
Bharat Gaurav Trains

Bharat Gaurav Trains List

IRCTC’s Bharat Gaurav Tourist TrainDeluxe AC Tourist TrainKarnataka Bharat Gaurav Tourist Train
The Bharat Gaurav Tourist Train operated by IRCTC has a combination of Sleeper (Non AC), AC III tier and AC II tier coaches. The exterior of the train displays famous Indian monuments, sculptures, landmarks, and traditional dance forms, which are an important part of India’s heritage. With a seating capacity of approximately 600-700, these trains are equipped with infotainment systems and CCTV cameras in common areas, and unarmed security personnel in each coach. The trains also feature a well-stocked pantry car, where passengers can enjoy fresh regional cuisine prepared onboard and served directly to their seats.The Deluxe AC Tourist Train is a fully air-conditioned train with only AC I and AC II tier accommodations available. The train features one modern kitchen car with flameless cooking technology, as well as two rail restaurants, which give it a luxurious and exclusive feel. The cabins come equipped with washrooms that have shower cubicles, electronic safes, and single sofas with reading lights and foot massagers. There is also an in-house library and infotainment system for entertainment purposes. Additionally, the train has security measures such as CCTV cameras in common areas and unarmed security personnel in each passenger coach. The total capacity of the train is 156 seats.The Government of Karnataka (GoK) has collaborated with IRCTC to launch the Karnataka Bharat Gaurav Tourist Train, offering a pilgrimage and heritage tour of Kashi, Puri, and Dwarka. The fully air-conditioned train is comprised of 11 AC III tier coaches, accommodating up to 700 passengers. The train’s exterior showcases the prominent heritage and temples of Karnataka. The train offers a well-equipped pantry car, as well as security measures such as CCTV cameras and unarmed security guards. To make the tour affordable, the government is providing subsidies to the pilgrims.
List of Trains – Bharat Nepal Ashtha Yatra, Guru Kirpa Yatra – By Bharat Gaurav Tourist Train, Baba Saheb Ambedkar Yatra, “Sri Rameshwaram-Tirupati: Dakshin Darshan Yatra” By Bharat Gaurav Tourist Train, Punya Kshetra Yatra: Puri-Kashi-Ayodhya, Dakshin Bharat YatraList of Trains – North East Discovery: Beyond Guwahati, Shri Ramayana YatraList of Trains – Coming soon

FAQs : Bharat Gaurav Trains

What is a Tourist Circuit?

A Tourist Circuit refers to a route that includes at least three major tourist destinations that are not in the same town, village or city, and not separated by a long distance. Such circuits should have clearly defined entry and exit points, so that tourists are encouraged to visit most of the places listed in the circuit.

What are Theme-based Tourist Circuits?

Theme-based Tourist Circuits are circuits based on specific themes such as religion, culture, ethnicity, niche, etc. These circuits can be limited to a particular state or can cover multiple states or Union territories in a region.

You can book and check other details from official IRCTC Tourism Website.

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