Circular Journey Ticket in Indian Railway: A Complete Guide

Circular Journey Tickets (CJT) offer passengers a convenient and cost-effective solution for planning multiple journeys within a specified time frame across the Indian Railways network. This article presents an in-depth analysis of CJT, its types, eligibility rules, booking procedures, and the pros and cons associated with this ticketing option.

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What is a Circular Journey Ticket?

Circular journey ticket is a single special discounted ticket issued by Indian railways for multiple journeys within a time limit with various halts in between.

Types of Circular Journey Tickets

  1. Standard CJT : Standard CJT is issued for booking of pre-defined routes mentioned by various railway zones.
  2. Non-Standard CJT : In order to avail a Circular journey ticket, you need to mention a round trip journey route, with various halts in between at various stations.

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Standard CJT Routes Over Central Railway

CJT Eligibility Rules

  1. Round trip journey : This means that your journey starts at one place, you travel to other places, and then come back to where you started. It’s like going on a trip and returning home at the end.
  2. Min. 1000 km journey : Your entire journey, including all the places you visit, should be at least 1000 kms long.
  3. Maximum of 8 halts : During your circular journey, you can stop and visit up to 8 different places (including the place where you started). Each stop is called a “halt.”
  4. Max. 56 days journey : Your whole circular journey must be completed within 56 days, which is almost 2 months. This is a lot of time to visit planned places, so make sure you plan wisely.
  5. Can’t repeat halt stations : You can’t visit the same place twice during your journey, except for the place where you started (because you have to return there at the end). One thing you can do is that you can mark next near station as your halt where you want to repeat and then drive to the repeated station.
  6. Travel in the same class : When you travel on a train, there are different classes, like an economy class or a more comfortable class with air conditioning. For your whole circular journey, you need to stay in the same class of train. You can’t switch between different classes during your trip.

CJT Discounted Price

CJT uses telescopic fare structure, a system in which the fare decreases in slabs as the length of the journey increases and the fare does not increase proportionately with the distance.

Above telescopic fare structure, male senior citizens will get 40% more discount, and female senior citizens will get 50% more discount.

CJT Booking Procedure

  1. Visit Divisional Commercial Manager (DCM) : When you know all the places you want to visit during your circular journey, go and talk to a person called the DCM. They work at major train stations and will help you with your ticket.
  2. Write a letter for CJT : Write a letter that explains your planned journey and the places you want to visit. Give this letter to the DCM when you meet them.
  3. Submit Annexure-II : The DCM or station authorities will look at your planned journey and figure out how much your ticket will cost. You will need to fill the special form called Annexure-II. You need to give this form to the Station Manager.
  4. Collect the CJ ticket : They will provide the CJT ticket in few hours or days based on the rush.

Confirm Berth Booking via CJT

CJT is just a confirmation of journey on a defined route, with halts mentioned on it, along with the name and other details of all passengers. CJT doesn’t guarantee any confirmed berth reservation during the entire journey.

For berth confirmation via CJT, you need to fill a reservation form for all the trips and take counter tickets as similar to a normal counter ticket booking (but instead of money, you need to provide the CJT as a confirmation of the paid amount).

Additional charges for berth reservations include:

  • INR 20 reservation fee for sleeper class.
  • INR 40 reservation fee for 3-tier AC class.
  • Additional superfast charges for higher class trains.

Pros and Cons of Circular Journey Tickets


  1. Discounted ticket price
  2. 40% Additional discount for male senior citizens
  3. 50% additional discount for female senior citizens


  1. Visiting divisional office
  2. Lengthy booking procedure
  3. No online booking option
  4. Unnecessary delays

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