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In hope to explore ‘Bharat‘ (India), one city at a time, we’ve crafted a series to share our journey’s roadmap before setting sail and also a retrospective after completing each leg of the adventure. From the fuels to the food, we would plan it for all. If you think we missed something, please don’t hesitate to bother us by commenting down below. This is one of the many series to come. So without a further ado, welcome to the City Trail Chapter 1 : Patna-Nalanda-Rajgir Road Trip | Bihar Tourism.


Before we start to sail, we need to equip ourselves with the essentials. Since this would be a road trip on bike, we need to have :

  • Driving License, of one who will be riding the bike, of course
  • Riding Gear, it is better to be safe than sorry
  • Speaker, why only car rides have all the fun
  • Camera, to capture quality moments
  • Mobile, to connect to speaker and yes, for other things too
  • Bike, since it is a bike ride 😉

For detailed list on essentials, you can read our guide here.

Day 1

Patna (0 km)
  • Wake up
  • Fuel up oneself and the bike
  • Put safety gears
  • Turn on speaker and play the saved playlist
  • Commence the trip
  • First checkpoint, Biharsharif via Daniawan
Biharshariff (72 km)
  • A little break at Samosa shop
  • Trekk to Hiranya Parvat Bihar Sharif
  • Departure to second checkpoint, Nalanda
Nalanda (13 km)
  • Visit to Nalanda University Ruins
  • Exploring New Nalanda University
  • See what is Xuanzang Memorial about
  • Next checkpoint, Silao
Silao (9 km)
  • Just here to taste the famous ‘Silao ka Khaza
Rajgir (10 km)
  • All the exploration first thing tomorrow
  • Find a reasonable priced room
  • Getting oneself a good meal
  • Rest

Day 2

Rajgir (0 km)
  • A refreshing bath at Brahma Kund
  • A peek to Swarna Bhandar to see why it is called Swarna
  • Stop by at Jarasandh Ka Akhada to know the story of Bheem and Jarasandh fight
  • A trekk to Vishwa Shanti Stupa
  • Capturing some views from Vulture’s Peak
  • Visit to Ashoka Stupa to know the difference from Vishwa Shanti Stupa
  • On way to next checkpoint, exploring Pandu Pokhar Adventure Resort, if budget favours
  • Last checkpoint for the day, Ghora Katora Lake
  • Heading back to the room

Day 3

Ragir (0 km)
  • Heading back to Patna via Pawapuri
Pawapuri (22 km)
  • Visit to Jal Mandir in Pawapuri
  • Last stop, Patna but via Dhanarua
Dhanarua (66 km)
  • Here to get the famous Laai
Patna (36 km)
  • Stopping the playlist
  • Turn off the speaker
  • Unwind

Budget Calculation


Assuming mileage of the bike to be 30kmpl and the price to be INR 110 (this is not correct though, its better to be higher side when calculating).
Patna-Rajgir : 105km
Roaming around Rajgir : 35 km
Rajgir-Patna : 125 km
Total distance : 265 km
Petrol : 9 ltr
Expense : INR 990


The plan is for 3 days and 2 nights, and the timing for the trip is not seasonal, so we can assume rates to be between INR 700 – INR 1200 for a decent room for two person. Supposing higher side of the price.
Expense : INR 2400


The trip is only for about 100 km, so light snacks would be more than sufficient. Also, Rajgir is not too expensive when it comes to food. For a meal for two persons, INR 500 is more than enough and we have a trip for 3 days. Again assuming on higher side of the equation.
Expense : INR 2500

Tickets and Miscellaneous

Bihar government has taken several measures to make Rajgir a tourist place way better than before, so you can expect ticket price for places to be on high side. For two persons to have a great trip in Rajgir, budget for the tickets and other miscellaneous should be around INR 5000, again presuming things higher.
Expense : INR 5000


Well summing up the above comes around to be INR 10890 for two persons. But again, these can be way lower. It always depends on the traveller and the quality of the trip they want.

So, see you all on next city trail !

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