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It’s the ICC World Cup and what better way to enjoy the matches than being in the stadium itself. Unluckily, we settled for lunch in a restaurant inspired by crickets. No, you guessed it wrong, it’s not Kapil’s Eleven. We went to the LBW (Lounge Before Wicket) restaurant. There are two branches of this restaurant in Patna and we went to the one near Bhattacharya road. The outdoors was under maintenance, so what we had seen in internet photos, we did not actually get to see. As we entered we saw pictures of cricketers all over the walls. Two big bats were standing upright on which again cricketers’ photos were there. Talking about ambience it was okay. As I said we didn’t get to enjoy the outdoor setup, so yeah a little disappointed. As we learned from our previous visits to different restaurants, we decided to focus on starters only. We ordered Chicken 65, Chicken Drums and Murgh Reshmi Tikka upon recommendations by the server. I don’t know why it is but when we have some hope that we would get a great dish and flavour in this restaurant, we are actually thrashed to the ground by their taste. The Chicken Drums were hard. It was like an old and frozen chicken was used. We pointed out this to the server but he started giving excuses like, ‘it is cooked now and it is warm, that is why you are tasting like this’. We knew he would not do anything about it. It is a hole in our pocket only. Now moving on to Chicken 65. It was tender and soft unlike the first dish. It was way better than the Drums. Now came the Murgh Reshmi Tikka. It was so dry that I left it after eating one piece. Basically, it was chicken covered in besan. Sounds enticing but tastes bland. That is why it is served with chutney. 

For the main course we ordered LBW special and servers recommendation, Chicken @ LBW. I didn’t have high hopes for it given the previous tastes. The dish was okay and it is a fancy name for chicken curry with egg pieces in it. Nothing special I felt about the dish.

Talking about the service, it was okay. We asked to pay the bills through the Zomato dine-in feature but the server refused to take it as he explained, ” It is not open for us. The process is stuck in zomato’s hand ” Giving the benefit of doubt, we paid via UPI. But we reported this to Zomato. If the feature is live for customers then it must be for restaurants too. That is how we see it. Also, it must be the restaurant policy that they must adhere to keep their jobs. Other than this the server was polite and helpful. 

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The restaurant is on ground floor and a part of Hotel Sarvodaya, near Bhattacharya road. There is an MG showroom just beside the restaurant. You can easily find it on Google Maps by clicking here.

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Contact No9117389999, 0612-2322411/12/13

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