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My friend got the craving for Chinese food and what would be the best option to try these cuisines other than Yo China. Despite being warned by many, we went to try. To our disappointment, the others were right. We ordered starters and main course only. We didn’t have the guts to try the dessert here after that. Drums of Heaven & Chicken 90 as starters and Chicken Kolhapuri & Chicken Butter Masala as main course was ordered. For bread, Tandoori Roti, Butter Naan and Laccha Paratha, we ordered so we can taste the variety before making any judgement. Drums of Heaven had only 6 pieces for rs355 and the taste was just okay, the only thing I wasn’t hoping for was that the reddish-orange color would stay on my fingertips. Chicken 90 was served in pieces with the same sauce as Drums of heaven. The only difference it had was that it was in cubes and some onions and capsicum were there too. Flavour-wise, it was the same.

We waited nearly 15 min for our main course to arrive. As the waiter suggested the spiciest dish would be the Chicken Kolhapuri and also in the menu it had two chillies symbols, so we ordered that and to balance it out Chicken Butter Masala was ordered. But I didn’t find a huge difference in the spiciness between the two dishes. It wasn’t spicy at all. Not to our satisfaction. My friend was biting green chili from the salad to feel the spice. Also there was a hint of almonds which felt like the dish was Almond Kolhapuri. The bread was also a disaster. The Laccha paratha lacked the appeal of comfort food. It was dry. Same goes for tandoori roti. For Naan, I would say I had better. These were pricey dishes and quality never came close to it.

Now, you may think if the food is not good, the service might be to compensate for this. But let me disappoint you. It was worse. We explicitly told the waiter that we are here to taste Yo China Chinese Chicken starters. Upon his recommendation we ordered. But after tasting, we didn’t really trust his suggestions anymore. When I told him the Kolhapuri was not spicy. He took upon himself as if he himself made the dish and disagreed with me and made a pointless argument that ‘you are tasting it with butter chicken masala, that is why it is not feeling spicy‘. We were like seeing each other and thinking to ourselves what nonsense argument he is giving. I told him to taste it then tell me. He is saying it is spicy but not that spicy after tasting it. C’mon, the approach should be ‘customers are always right‘. And here we are feeling wrong about calling out for the inconvenience we suffered. Not at all a good experience. We would never recommend it.

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There are many branches in Patna but we went to the Fraser Road branch. The restaurant is in Nutan Plaza, near Maurya Lok. Nutan Plaza is in the road that goes in between of Patna One Mall and Hariniwas. The restaurant is one floor above the 9to9 market. You can easily find it on Google Maps by clicking here.

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Contact No2206122, 2206133

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