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Vrihi Skydeck has a picturesque view of the long stretched Atal Path. It has the ambience that all the young generations are looking for. The food and the interior is instagram worthy. The service was phenomenal, and so was the price. The price and the quality didn’t match. Every main course item is around rs450 – rs550. When you are willingly entering through the entrance of the ‘Magadhi‘ and hop on to the lift to go to the 5th floor, you are pretty much aware of the cost of entering and sitting on that couch. So let aside the cost of the dishes. Let’s talk about the taste of the food. Because when you are paying your hard-earned money in a restaurant, you are not just here for the ambience, the service and the outside view. These all come second to the list, for us at least. First is always the food. We tasted Magadhi Special Non Veg Platter, Murgh Dehati, Bhuna Murgh and Garlic Naan. When the dishes came we were disappointed with the quantity, so we needed to reorder Dehati again because ‘it is the only dish with good amount of gravy‘ according to the waiter. The least enjoyable thing was Naan. It was rubbery and chewy and our jaws were tired chewing on those. Given the price for the dish and recommendation from the waiter for the main course, we were not happy either on that part as well. Murgh Dehati lacked the spiciness and the pieces of chicken tasted bland. Bhuna Murgh‘s masala was okay. The Magadhi Special Non Veg Platter consisted of 4 small pieces of each of the kebabs, chicken and fish. They were good. 

Let’s talk about the service. As I said, it was great. The waiter we interacted with was polite and friendly and suggested dishes to us according to our queries. Well it’s another fact that it didn’t taste as we would have expected. Upon request, the waiter arranged for the birthday celebration. And we are grateful to the singer and guitarist who sang ‘happy birthday‘ on our request.

As the saying goes ‘different strokes for different folks’. All I am saying is that for some other folks the food experience might be different depending on the food they ordered. But one thing will always be common. The price you are paying here is not for food, but for the pictures you are going to click here.

Vrihi Skydeck Menu

One annoying thing about this place is that they don’t have a physical menu book for the food but they have it for beverages. So it is difficult and annoying to go through the dishes categorically one by one. Here is the link for the Vrihi Skydeck Menu.

Vrihi Skydeck Menu

Vrihi Skydeck Location

The restaurant is on the 5th floor of Hotel Magadhi which lies just near the exit for Indrapuri when you are on Atal Path. You can easily find it on Google Maps by clicking here.

Vrihi Skydeck Other Info

Contact No7295054268, 8102052990

Vrihi Skydeck Photos



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