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When the door of the lift opens, you are greeted with a small pool. To the right of this pool is the Alina Resorts’ restaurant and banquet hall. You can also enjoy your food outside as there are tables around the pool and also enjoy the top view of the Buddha Smriti Park from the restaurant. The perfect time to enjoy the ambience and the live music is in the evening. We regret that we had arrived early. If we had arrived at 6 or 7pm we would have appreciated the view more. Nevertheless, all thanks to the band that played numerous songs and made our visit to remember. Talking about the quality of food, we had ordered Maharaja Ka Special Laal Maans, Rara Chicken, Malmal Chicken Dum Biryani, Kadhai Chicken and Garlic Naans. Out of these we only liked Rara Chicken and Laal Maans. The spiciness of these two dishes was to our liking and we liked the taste of it with Garlic Naan. For Malmal biryani, well the taste and rice doesn’t falls into the category of biryani because it didn’t taste and looked like one. To be on the safe side we ordered Kadhai Chicken as we know how common it is and a decent one is served in most restaurants. But we went wrong on this. It tasted nothing like Kadhai and chicken seemed boiled and dipped into gravy. Also, for Naan, it could have been more soft. The price of the dishes were a little on the higher side. So we expect dishes with the quality that can justify the prices.

Now talking about the service, it was great. One of my friends requested the server for extra raita and he brought it and not charged us for that. He could have rejected our request by bringing some policy and rules quote but he served it. These little things make the overall experience great. I received a coupon after I made the payment. I mean he could have given me before but I understand it is just to lure us for our next visit. What made our day was the live music. The songs the band chose to sing were just perfect, they created a whole new vibe.

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The restaurant is on 5th floor of Maharaja Kameshwar Complex. The Complex is just opposite to Buddha Smriti Park and the building is mainly famous among locals as V2 mall. You can easily find it on Google Maps by clicking here.

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Contact No9031655201

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